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ตัวอย่างการบ้าน ความจริงและความลวง

Example of typing truth and lies homework to send on the Witcharam website ( …In this article there is 1 example of homework. It will be summarized enough to understand the overall content of the various examples as follows.

  1. Delicious smell (food)

Students can read additional content details below…

1.Fragrant and delicious

One day, I was walking to buy something in the evening when I heard a sweet smell coming from a Mama Salad shop. Even though I haven’t eaten instant noodles for many years. And I didn’t feel like eating. Many times when I smell the aroma of Mama, I don’t buy it to eat, but sometimes I buy it to eat because I’m curious. “What do we still like about Mama that still smells good?” When we ate it, it didn’t taste as good as it had in the past. But today, when I smell this scent again, I still feel that it “smells delicious” again.


Touch : smelled the noodles boiled in hot water and felt that it “smelled delicious”

Deceit : The smell when the instant noodles are boiled in hot water smells delicious. I want to eat it. It should be delicious to eat.

Fact : The smell when the noodles are scalded in hot water is the smell of ground wheat flour that is made into noodles, then fried until crispy and then dried. They sell them with seasoning powder for us to eat. When eating, you have to scald with hot water to make the noodles softer. Now! A familiar smell has begun to emerge, which is similar to the smell of freshly cooked rice. It smells very delicious. When I thought about it, I knew that “These aromas are a promise that we can remember this smell, that is, this food is cooked and ready to eat,” making it possible to consider that “This smell is not permanent. In an instant it disappeared. This fragrant feeling is also impermanent. It disappeared after a while.” We don’t want to eat instant noodles. Even though it smells good, we don’t have to eat it. Eating is not as beneficial as eating rice, and is not as full as eating rice. 


Phutthaphonfa (Warangkana Traiyasut)